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Ski signs

If there is something you cannot find on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us. Custom orders are always welcome.

Check out our ski area trail signs!

Our ski trail signage keeps skiers and snowboarders moving down the slopes in the right direction. We offer signs for alpine and nordic ski resorts. Our ski area trail signs 100% customizable. Choose from a variety of colors, letter styles, and placement of arrows and degree of difficulty symbols. We can also match your existing signs if you need a replacement.

Our HDPE plastic is a great choice for your ski trail signs. It is waterproof, will not delaminate, is critter resistant (no glue for porcupines to enjoy) and needs no paint or sealant. It holds up in the most extreme weather conditions. Consider HDPE plastic for your ski area trail signs, children’s ski school, resort or lodge signs.

While HDPE plastic signs are the most popular, wood and aluminum signs are always available. Depending on the type of sign you are ordering, choose from Western Red Cedar, Reflective HDO Plywood or Aluminum.


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All signs are produced in house!