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Digital Graphics

Digital Graphics allow for a wide variety of images and colors to be used on a sign. Many signs we make include the application of a digital graphic for a company logo or as a detailed map. 
A full color digital graphic is printed and then is applied to backing such as aluminum or hdo plywood. The digital graphic can also be inlaid into a pocket of a plastic, or wood sign. Digital graphics can be non-reflective or reflective.



- U.V Stabilized

- 20+ Year Average Life

- Easy to Clean

- Graffiti Resistant

- Vandal Proof



In order to supply you with the highest quality digital graphic available, please provide a high quality file in either of the following formats: .jpg, .eps, .pdf, .tif. Please specify any pantone colors if necessary. Vector artwork such as an .ai or .eps from Adobe Illustrator is accepted. When sending vector artwork, please convert all fonts to curves and strokes to outlines.
Artwork may be subject to a one time set up fee. 
If you are not sure of your artwork format, please feel free to contact us.

Westmoore Park 2019 041.JPG


The digital graphic shown here has been inlaid into this hdpe plastic sign. The sign has a "pocket" that is computer cut to fit the logo. The logo is then attached to backing, and is secured into the sign pocket.

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