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We make high quality custom cedar signs for many government agencies including entrance signs for the National Park Service.

Western Red Cedar is available in a thickness of 1.5 " and the type is classified as clear all heart vertical grain.
Thicker types of cedar are available for larger and custom sign projects.



- 1.5" Thick

- Routed or Sandblasted

- Available Unfinished

- Available with Paint and Stain

- 15-20 Year Average Life

- A Renewable Resource



Cedar signs are routed and then are either left unfinished or are painted and stained. There are many options and combinations for paint and stain. Many customers love the look of the cedar woodgrain in many different colors and choose to only paint the letters and treat the sign with a clear natural finish.

Small cedar signs, such as our popular National Park Service Dedication Plaques (shown to the left) are laser engraved. 

Unfinished cedar signs may be ordered and painted and stained by the customer for a lower price and a faster turnaround time.

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