MDO Plywood Sign Material

MDO Plywood

MDO (Medium Density Overlay) Plywood is available in a thickness of 3/4". It is made with a resin treated fiber applied to both faces making it a smooth surface for painting. 
MDO Plywood Signs are routed and are available unfinished or painted. Unfinished signs are available at a lower cost and faster turnaround time for the customer to paint.

Painted U.S.F.S Shields are shown. 

Features & Benefits

3/4" Thick

7-10 Year Average Life

A Routed Material

A Painted Material

Available Unfinished

Can be painted in many colors

Material & Sign Sizes

Routed Signs

Sizes of material and signs available

Our sheet sizes are 120" x 48". Our sign sizes are not limited to our sheet sizes. We are capable of building larger signs that contain two or more panels.

Unfinished MDO

We can provide you an unfinished MDO sign at a lower price and faster turnaround time for you to paint.

All signs are produced in house!