Reflective Aluminum Sign Material

Why Choose Aluminum?

Aluminum is great material choice for any outdoor sign because it is very strong and durable. It can be ordered reflective or non-reflective. We make many signs for the U.S. Forest Service out of reflective aluminum, including FRD's (Forest Road Destination) and MUTCD Highway signs.

Features & Benefits

.080" or .125" Thick

Sheeted with High Intensity Prismatic

Corrosion and Rust Resistant

7-10 Year Average Life

Does Not Need Paint

Choose strength of reflectivity

Impervious to insects

Ideal for any climate

*if your signs will be in an area with a lot of snow or moisture, we recommend to order your signs with clear coat and edged tape for extra protection*

Sheeting Available

Routed Signs

Aluminum Sheeting/Overlay Options

Aluminum signs may be sheeted with one of the following reflective products: 
3M 3290 Engineer Grade (Less Reflective)
3M 3930 High Intensity Prismatic (More Reflective) 
3M 4090 Diamond Grade (Most Reflective)

Unless noted all signs will be manufactured with HIP sheeting (High Intensity Prismatic) with 3M 1170 ElectroCut Film applied over the top. Upon request 3M 1170 Clear Film will be applied for a Clear Coat Overlay. 

High Intensity Prismatic Grade

3M High Intensity Prismatic Series 3930. Meets ASTM D4956 type III and Type IV Specifications. This material reflects 5x more light then the standard Engineer Grade.

All signs are produced in house!