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Sign Installation Tips and Guidelines

Every sign installation is different. The information on this page is to help you determine what is best for your sign installation situation. Wood Product Signs can provide posts and framing for your signs when available. Depending on your location, we may be able to install your sign for you. The information below is for HDPE plastic signs, however some information may apply to our wood signs. We strongly recommend reading the information below if you have purchased or are considering purchasing a HDPE plastic sign.

WPS shall not be held responsible for any damages resulting from improper usage/handling/installation of any and all products and materials provided by Wood Product Signs. Any damages inflicted by improper installation and usage are the responsibility of the buyer. It is the buyer’s responsibility to obtain proper installation and handling methods prior to receiving their signage.

For HDPE Plastic Sign Installation

Expansion and Contraction
Due to fluctuation in weather temperatures this HDPE plastic sign material will expand or contract at a maximum rate of .03" per foot depending on sign color selected. Installation design considerations must be applied in order to compensate for sign material expansion or contraction.
This material must have room to move freely.

Oversize All Drill Holes in HDPE Signs
All holes drilled must be oversized a minimum of 1/8 " to 1/4" than the bolt used. (This is to prevent the sign from cracking.) Use of bolts/fasteners is recommended and they should be loosely fastened to allow movement of expansion or contraction. DO NOT over tighten bolts! The recycled plastic sign material is very easy to drill. HDPE Plastic signs do not come pre-drilled. 

Use Wood Cross Braces 
We highly recommend mounting all HDPE plastic signs to wood posts and using 2 or more wood cross braces depending on the size of the sign. The maximum space between the cross braces should be no more then 3 feet. Deck screws may be used to attach the cross braces to the sign, these holes do not have to be oversized. 12" - 18" is recommended for spacing of the deck screws.

If you are installing your sign into framework, please allow 1/4 " - 3/8" room
on each side of the sign to allow for expansion and contraction.
Do not trap your sign tightly into the framework.
*This also applies to 1 panel or 2 panel (spliced) signs.

Spliced Signs
If your sign contains 2 or more panels we recommend to use wood cross braces across the splice of the sign for stability.
Failure to properly install your new HDPE plastic sign may put excessive stress on the
sign and may result in warping or cracking.

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