Recycled Plastic (HDPE) Material

Features & Benefits
  • U.V. Stabilized

  • 20+ year average life

  • Easy to clean

  • Graffiti Resistant

  • Vandal Proof

  • 100% Waterproof (non-porous)

  • Does not need paint

  • Will not rust/rot

  • Will not delaminate

  • Impervious to insects

  • Critter Resistant

  • Splinter Free

  • Ideal for any climate

  • Contains recycled components

  • Nontoxic

  • Does not need sealants

  • Many colors to choose from

Routed plastic (HDPE) sign material

Our routed plastic sign material is the perfect choice for any outdoor sign. HDPE plastic is a cost effective material that will save money over time by lowering long-term maintenance and replacement costs. HDPE plastic is UV stabilized and graffiti resistant for maximum outdoor durability. If you want a sign that is long lasting with little to no maintenance then choose our HDPE plastic material for your sign project!

Our largest sheet sizes are 96" x 48" for all colors except brown-yellowcream-brown which is 120" x 60". Our sign sizes are not limited to our sheet sizes. We are capable of building large signs that contain two or more panels.

Colorfill Options

Additional colors may be added to our hdpe plastic signs using a hard epoxy resin that we call colorfill.

View the Chromatic Color Chart Here


Routed Signs

How is a routed sign made?

The plastic is laminated into sheets which consists of 2 outer layers of the same color and one inner layer of a contrasting color. When the top layer is routed (or carved) away into the middle layer the contrasting color is exposed. HDPE plastic sheets have a 1/8" top and bottom layer, and a 1/2" middle core layer. This combination of layers provides a consolidated 3/4" panel. All signs are routed by computer technology or cnc routers. When splicing is required, plastic biscuits will be used to "snap" the sign panels together. Splices are used when the sign sizes are larger then the sheets of material.

Raised Letters

If part of a sign is background routed, it means that the area around an object or letter is routed away exposing a raised letter or image. These brown letters in the photo are raised letters.

All signs are produced in house!